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I was born, raised, and educated in Rwanda. In recent years, I have spent much of my time contemplating the future, trying to understand the present and how we got here. I have learned a lot about history, education, innovation, and development. One thing I have also enjoyed lately is to spend time listening to people — particularly young people — sitting in a café or at a cool pub.

A lot of self-directed learning has taught me the power of being open to new ideas and perspectives. It has armed me with a broad understanding of the complexity of issues such as violence, faith, civilisation, democracy and freedom, identity, critical thinking, and progress.

I’m a thinker, a writer and editor, and a social innovator. If you’re looking for a person to help you create or improve something  — along the lines of education, learning, the web, media, and Rwanda  — then I’m the guy you’d want to talk to.