In recent years, I have spent much of my time contemplating the future, trying to understand the present and how we got here. This has resulted in many encounters with new insights about history, education, innovation, and development. One most important thing I have also enjoyed lately is to spend time listening to people — particularly young people. Sitting in a café or at a cool pub, I’ve spent hours diving into some of the most open-minded conversations.

These developments have re-energised my mission to use knowledge and skills to help entrepreneurs and achieve success.

Strengthening visions through education and strategy.

Education (not just schooling) enables transformation. Strategy supports innovation and growth.

A lot of self-directed learning has taught me the power of being open to new ideas and perspectives. It has armed me with a broad understanding of the complexity of issues such as violence, faith, civilisation, democracy and freedom, identity, critical thinking, and progress.

If you’re up to creating or enhancing something, let’s combine energy.